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15 December 2007

Fabulous Prayers

I was negotiating with a young bartender over the feasibility of obtaining Lily a green-tea martini (we are all Orientalists here) when she leaned over to me and said, I think that’s Reverend Billy.
Who? I gasped.
Him! Right there! We were whispering urgently now, two hunters in a blind or fine just two [...]

24 October 2007

I Couldn’t Have Added Two And Two Unless Driven By Hatred Or An Equivalent Passion I Couldn’t Have Read A Paragraph Of Austen Or James Unless I Shrieked Each Word

I was at a deafening party last night with a lot of people who either lived in or were intimately connected to Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Jeanne Moreau
Before we sat down to dinner, I hadn’t registered the extent of the wildfires there except to glare at a Red Cross volunteer who’d asked [...]

8 July 2007

“I Can Pray All Day”

Fear, I think, makes foreign what has been familiar.
This week marks the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Newark uprising–what I understand as the definitive event of recent North New Jersey history. I’ve always read Philip Roth and Amiri Baraka as telling the same stories, really; the distinction is that for the past four decades [...]

13 April 2007

News You Really Must Know Now: NY Newsday

Hey! I was going to talk about how effing freaked out I am that New Jersey Governor Corzine broke his leg and a bunch of ribs and his face, too, while he was trying to prove to kids, once and for all, that not wearing a seatbelt doesn’t pay, but then I read this [...]