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15 December 2007

Fabulous Prayers

I was negotiating with a young bartender over the feasibility of obtaining Lily a green-tea martini (we are all Orientalists here) when she leaned over to me and said, I think that’s Reverend Billy.
Who? I gasped.
Him! Right there! We were whispering urgently now, two hunters in a blind or fine just two [...]

15 July 2007

Party Politics

17 May 2007

You don’t understand: I need this.

Rejoice, world. Paul Wolfowitz is in Jim McGreevey’s bed. Just joking! Then he would have had to resign. It’s just that he, like Sir Jim, improperly obtained for his lover a promotion and pay raise. Why did McGreevey ( lover of Israeli men) resign immediately while Wolfowitz (lover of Libyan [...]

16 May 2007

Strange (Hospital) Bedfellows

I knew a lot when I took a drafty bus down to DC to protest W. Bush’s first inauguration–I was sixteen, so of course I knew a lot. I knew that I really wanted All Things Considered to call me and not only be a Youth Radio reporter (so embarrassing and yet so rad), I [...]