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16 September 2007

What Katie Did Next

Madeleine thought someone wasn’t being gracious in Oslo so she took a train across the country to Bergen. All the Weather Underground icons about Oslo include an impatient raincloud and there seems to be a near-constant hundred-percent chance of rain. Bergen seems to be worse for the following eight reasons, especially the second [...]

24 June 2007


I don’t even know what it means to be American anymore!
[ I would like to connect that ridiculous lament to:
1. What Alex told me about the finely cultivated Soviet sense of irony behind the lionizing of atrocious U.S. rock music in the years before glasnot. It turns out my adoration of Boston doesn't make [...]

13 May 2007

Take Another Sip

So, I fear that I inadvertently bad-mouthed Devendorf/Dressner/Berninger & co (The National, to people who don’t feel guilty about Technocrati searches (I am so ridiculous)) when I said that they played unremarkably last Tuesday. “Boxer” is all I’ve been listening to since my epic walk on Friday, and everytime we (being Ingrid the iPod [...]

9 May 2007

Working Uptown

I went to the see the Arcade Fire at the United Palace Theater last night. I’d had big plans to show Max the Elder the apartment where my parents & I lived when I was small, but some pork tacos and the persistently tourist-stymied walk through midtown meant we didn’t really have time. [...]