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11 February 2008

Would You Like To Play Chess Chess Seriously

When Susan Sontag knew she was dying–she knew it without admitting it, somehow–she vowed to not write about what it is to die the way most of us will: slowly. That is, she would not speak on what it is to emigrate to the kingdom of the ill and live there.
Will Oldham_Jump In Jump [...]

11 January 2008

I’m No Fan Of You Most Of The Time I’d Just As Soon Be Alone You Know

When we were little my best friend Kyra and I did most things identically. This included showing the world we were super psyched–about our Keds, about Agatha Christie, about making sundaes and about rendezvousing on the beach in Southampton–by simultaneously reaching up and grabbing the air with our hands then wrenching our bent arms [...]

9 January 2008

Another Hid His Eyes Behind His Wing

It was nicer than any graph paper we’d ever known.

7 January 2008

The Elephants Continue To Come To My Garden At Night

Greg and I went to see Charlie Wilson’s War yesterday. I was bored by the entire production; the pacing was clumsy, the narrative had no structure, and the characters were as deep as Julia Roberts’s lips which is really quite deep as lips go and not deep at all as characters do. It’s [...]