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21 October 2007

Won’t You Lay Me Down In The Tall Grass And Let Me Do My Stuff

by Spencer Dennis and Emma Rebhorn
[Vote for Spencer's submission to the Insomnia Film Festival or else.]

4:07 PM Spencer: Hi.
me: Hey Spen!
4:09 PM Spencer: What are you up to Saturday?
4:11 PM me: Oh nothing I don’t think. I mean, working. In the day.
4:12 PM Spencer: Oh right. Well, I’m doing this 24 hour [...]

24 June 2007


I don’t even know what it means to be American anymore!
[ I would like to connect that ridiculous lament to:
1. What Alex told me about the finely cultivated Soviet sense of irony behind the lionizing of atrocious U.S. rock music in the years before glasnot. It turns out my adoration of Boston doesn't make [...]

17 June 2007

The Accidental Say

In Spanish, there’s a grammatic convention that I think borders on perfect. It’s the accidental “se,” or accidental reflexive, and it serves to put the blame, well, not on me. When unintentional events occur in the English language, the actor stays the same–Bill Buckner lost the ball–but, in Spanish, se le perdió [...]