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21 August 2008

With No Loving In Our Souls And No Money In Our Coats

I just moved to New Orleans to start law school. This will be my review. A periodical review. A periodical.

Today was my first day of law school orientation. Because of my last name, I was scheduled to pick up my orientation packet between 8:30 and 9:30. Last night, my [...]

24 March 2008

You Couldn’t Lose Me If You Tried

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend a few weeks ago. He had voiced some concern about the classism on display in this post; the man is a life-long advocate for dental hygienists. We can’t fault him for trying.

The Spitzer scandal is also discussed.

I am classist above [...]

24 February 2008

Everybody’s Coming From The Winter Vacation Taking In The Sun In An Exaltation To You

My grandfather died a week ago. Grandpop grandfather, not Granddaddy one. The funeral was on Wednesday and at a lunch afterwards my father gave a speech. It was mainly about how he liked to fix things. That is what my father said about my grandfather, although this is true of both [...]

13 January 2008

The Newspaper Said Say What You Doing In Bed I Said We’re Only Trying To Get Us Some Peace

I stayed with my parents in New Jersey last night. As I was leaving the train station I ran into Brent Martone. He was leaving the comic book store, which is probably the coolest place in South Orange to be leaving. Besides the train station.
I recognized him before he recognized me, so [...]