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1 November 2007

Who When You Abstain From Touching Me Is Not Being Touched By You

I spent last night in two different libraries and felt very virtuous; potentially as virtuous as I looked on the Halloweens of my first-, second-, and third-grade years of school. I was a Pilgrim Girl for each of them. My mother made a long-skirted, high-necked dress out of black Rag Shop fabric and [...]

24 October 2007

I Couldn’t Have Added Two And Two Unless Driven By Hatred Or An Equivalent Passion I Couldn’t Have Read A Paragraph Of Austen Or James Unless I Shrieked Each Word

I was at a deafening party last night with a lot of people who either lived in or were intimately connected to Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Jeanne Moreau
Before we sat down to dinner, I hadn’t registered the extent of the wildfires there except to glare at a Red Cross volunteer who’d asked [...]

11 July 2007

Share The Road

I had a emotional morning, having discovered that: I am far more deeply moved by a slightly loutish soon-to-be-ex-firefighter reckoning with a six-year-old trauma than I would be by an equally strapping young gentleman in well-tailored yellow suspenders trying to get my (fictional) kitty down from a (frightfully real) tree.
Maybe I should have assumed that. [...]