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1 February 2008

Thirsty And Miserable Always Wanting More

My roommate James has been spending most of his time at his studio in Trenton–they’re trying to start an artists’ colony, he told me last week, but so far I’m the only artist there–and so he got a subletter for the last month and a half.

The Walkmen_Old Forgotten Soldier.mp3

The subletter is this recent LA transplant [...]

11 January 2008

I’m No Fan Of You Most Of The Time I’d Just As Soon Be Alone You Know

When we were little my best friend Kyra and I did most things identically. This included showing the world we were super psyched–about our Keds, about Agatha Christie, about making sundaes and about rendezvousing on the beach in Southampton–by simultaneously reaching up and grabbing the air with our hands then wrenching our bent arms [...]

21 October 2007

Won’t You Lay Me Down In The Tall Grass And Let Me Do My Stuff

by Spencer Dennis and Emma Rebhorn
[Vote for Spencer's submission to the Insomnia Film Festival or else.]

4:07 PM Spencer: Hi.
me: Hey Spen!
4:09 PM Spencer: What are you up to Saturday?
4:11 PM me: Oh nothing I don’t think. I mean, working. In the day.
4:12 PM Spencer: Oh right. Well, I’m doing this 24 hour [...]

16 October 2007

Fabulous Now

by Spencer Dennis
I am sitting on the subway and a panhandler walks in from the other car with a loud slam of the doors that follows his entrance. His face is completely deformed from an acid burn. He holds a sign up with a newspaper article about the incident in which he got his entire [...]