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2 October 2007

It’s Your Birthday. It’s Your Birthday In Liberia, Baby.

I am reproducing, in its entirety, Gabe’s birthday present to Maddy. In homage and admiration. Gabe lives in the far easter corner of Liberia. Maddy lives in the far western corner of the United States.
For those of you who think this is derivative, here is the masterpiece in its original form. [...]

13 September 2007

Jane Came By With A Lock Of Your Hair

It was dinnertime with my roommates, and it’s usually not a problem that Collette doesn’t eat ham. I try not to dietarily discriminate. Last night, though, we were (a) with Spencer and (b) at a tapas bar, so pork products were in favored abundance.
Spencer promised her he’d only order one porky dish, and [...]

23 August 2007

Forgiving Betty Schwartz

About ten years ago, now, my paternal grandmother started complaining about Betty Schwartz. My grandparents were living in South Jersey, then, so they would invariably see Betty and her husband, Harry, at diners; if you have spent any time at all in South Jersey you might seek solace in faux maple syrup and scrapple, [...]