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17 April 2007

I Made My Bed; Now?

Fatty Sow, Part II.
You thought this post was going to be a continuation of my much celebrated opening weekend review of Fette Sau. Not true! Not true at all. What do girls really like to talk about? BOYS! So, ladies, have I got a story for you. Max and [...]

22 March 2007

Edward Said on the First Day of Spring

This story is about Young Max and “Arabian II,” a certain genre of music that may be familiar to those of you who are so cool you live at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal or that putrid stream in Greenpoint.
Indeed, it was atop the aforementioned canal–we were walking on the Union Tree Bridge, which [...]

15 March 2007

The Meltdown

I’m a nanny for a nine year old named Max. I am also a girlfriend for a twenty-four year old named Max. Is it confusing? Not if you don’t mind a little inadvertent pedophilia.
Anyway, I enjoy spending time with both Maxes a great deal. They’re both hilarious, except Young Max doesn’t [...]